If you struggle with falling asleep or staying asleep, you may be one of millions of Americans that suffer from insomnia sleep disorder. Insomnia can be acute, related to a specific life event or a secondary disorder to a primary health concern, or it can be chronic, persisting for more than three weeks. Insomnia disrupts normal sleep patterns, can cause trouble with daytime drowsiness, and affects overall health and wellness. There are a variety of causes and treatments, so finding the right plan will require an assessment by a skilled sleep specialist. To get the sleep you need, schedule your appointment at Integra Health in Temecula today.

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The American Academy of Sleep Medicine defines insomnia as “persistent difficulty with sleep initiation, duration, consolidation or quality.” It is suggested that somewhere between 10 and 50% of Americans suffer from some form of insomnia in their lifetime.

Insomnia Treatment In Temecula CA

Sleep Hygiene Tips


Set a sleep schedule. Go to bed at the same time each night and get up at the same time each morning, including on the weekends.


Make sure your bedroom is quiet, dark, relaxing, and at a comfortable sleeping temperature.


Remove electronics including TVs, computers, tablets, and smartphones, from the sleeping area.


Avoid large meals, caffeine, and alcohol within two hours of bedtime.

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